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Serving with compassion and grace

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I want you to meet my cousin, Ashton Welker. Ashton was born with Down’s Syndrome and sadly passed away in 2021. In her short life, Ashton literally touched thousands of people.  She always seemed to smile, even though she endured heart surgeries and medical procedures. Ashton was a fighter and she was an inspiration to me.


One of my core values is to live a life of compassion and a life of giving.  Ashton’s Army is a way I can show compassion and give hope to families who have been impacted by Down’s Syndrome. A portion of your entrance fee to my camp will go to support this effort.


Thank you for attending my camp, and know that you are my partner in showing compassion and giving hope to children like Ashton and their families.

I'm excited to announce that this years Jadin Booth Elite Camp will be donating a portion of the camp fees to The Arizona Native Youth Ministries. The youth are the future of all aspects in life. The youth in the Native American community face many hardships like suicide, incarceration, and drug and alcohol abuse. I want to see the youth in the Native American community flourish, succeed, and break through the narrative of these hardships. Read below from Pastor Jackie Holgate as he shares more about NYM, and consider donating today. Jadin Booth

The Arizona Native Youth Ministries (AZNYM) is an organization that was created to serve Native American Students in the Southwest Region of the United States. We provide a place for Native youth to gather on two occasions every year, at Arizona Native Youth Convention and Arizona Native Youth Camp. At these events we create an environment for them to have an encounter with each other and ultimately with Jesus Christ. Not only are we providing fellowship with God and other youth, we are taking steps to empower them to become leaders in their own communities and to have ownership over their God-given passions and callings. We do this through providing more than a typical worship services, we promote higher education, teach unique topics like anti-human trafficking, self-identity, and we even address some of the difficult issues that happen in Native Youth communities across the United States. 


In Native American Youth, there are many hardships that hinders the success of our students be all that they can be in life. Suicide is the second leading cause of death, which makes Native Youth 2.5 times more than the national average from students between 15-24 years of age. Many Native young people are exposed to the reality of incarceration, in fact 79% of youth in the Federal Bureau of Prison's custody are Native American Youth. 1 in 3 Native American women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime. And 1 in 5 Native Youth have experienced substance usage disorders including alcohol and illicit drugs. These are realities that many of our Native American students face on a daily occurrence. What we strive to do as AZNYM is to break these bondages that are generational with students. We do this by providing unique encounters with the Holy Spirit, teaching the Biblical truth that they can achieve so much more, and equipping each student with practical prevention practices to take back home and heal their communities.

Pastor Jackie Holgate

Arizona Native Youth Convention

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